Thursday, January 07, 2016

Back in the Saddle Again.....

I miss the anonymity of my Blog, so I'm going to return to writing on it a little. This new iteration may be a bit different, as its been years since I've written. (Holy crap.... eight years since I've written!)

In many ways my life is exactly the same... still dealing with crazy behavior in the trenches of private law practice.

In many ways my life is different... I now make a lot more money to care about your problems. I have a new hobby/obsession, which all that money goes to support. I have a new significant other. (Well, after almost 4 years, he's not actually new any more but he's significant, and he's my other.)  A new drive in my life.

I've been a lawyer for over 16 years now. I still love what I do. I am very good at what I do. Running a law office still isn't easy, but its easier, and I would never consider working for someone else. I have now trained 6 secretaries. I'm getting better at that. I shepherded an intern through college, law school, and the bar (both the building and the test) to her first real job. Each assistant who has left me stays in touch and is happy with their new jobs. (2 SHMs, 1 licensed cosmetologist, 1 government budget analyst, 1 banker... and my current one who is on maternity leave.) Lots of interns, some for a few days, some on and off for years, have passed through my doors.

I read things people post on FaceBook and I want to reply to them, but due to my professional life I can't say what I'm really thinking. Here, I can. And I think I will.

So here's to 2016. Bring it on bitch.

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