Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Am I jaded or just wise to your manipulations?

A few weeks ago there was a "news story" about a deputy who dumped a paralized man out on the floor of the booking area. When I saw that I felt really really bad for the Deputy- not because what she did was accpetable. It was awful! But I understood where she was comming from. When you deal with petty criminals you become jaded. You hear so many lies and manipulations that you stop believing anything anyone says. When I saw that video I reminded myself that I have to watch and make sure I don't let it get to me like that.

But at the same time- you have to be smart. I like to make jokes- "I'm like Missouri. You have to show me!" or "You know State Agencies, Trust but Verify."

So in Court the document below was submitted by a Defendant. Do you think it is real?

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