Saturday, March 17, 2007

some funny funny stuff.....

This, my friends is some funny stuff- scroll down to yah-vette and her crazy daughter darleen....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Public Defense work and Hugs.

As I left the Courthouse this morning, my client and the "victim" were standing with my client's mother and the two mothers hugged followed by my client shaking the victim's hand and apologizing to her with a "I'm truly sorry it got to the point that your car was hurt and thank you for working with us." The Judge had just praised all of them for working it out with out the need for him to be involved.

My friend and fellow attorney said, "How the fcuk to you do that? You just make everyone calm and want to be reasonable. I have see more of your clients hugging than anyone Else's. "

I just assume people really truly deep down inside want to be reasonable and I show them how to do that. I pointed out to her that I do much much less well with irrational people than she does. Have an inmate who needs mental help? Call her. Have someone who needs to have a "come to Jesus" talk- that's me. (except yesterday I was too loud and too public with my come to Jesus talk- I need to remember to not chew them out in front of other people.) Have someone pretending to be insane... call me. Have someone who needs to be bullied into making the right decision... call her.

Know your strengths.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday funny....

MadDog forwarded an email today with this funny statement at the bottom:


And on that note.... have a good weekend.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Its the Lying, Stupid.

Well, the guilty verdict is in. Scooter's sunk.

I believe I have said it before, its not the crime these people get in trouble for, its the lying to the grand jury or the prosecutor for which they are convicted.


Here is the thing- He probably doesn't remember. I know I often forget things I did in Court until I really dig and remember. Here is the deal- the proper answer, then, is I DON'T REMEMBER. Its not a big deal. Its ok. What is not ok, is to "not remember" and answer as though you do.

And another thing that irked me last night- they were interviewing a police officer who was involved in that case where the husband killed the wife and chopped her up and they found the torso- the cop said, "Well, I told him that if he didn't do anything wrong he didn't need a lawyer. We knew he had done something wrong when he got a lawyer."

This is patently untrue, constitutionally iffy and morally reprehensible.

You could need a lawyer for a number of reasons. To understand the system and why they're grilling you like a piece of chicken at Burger King; because there is a side issue you need to pursue (civil suit, ect....) or just to help keep the cops in check.

Let me say this again- the Supreme Court has confirmed: POLICE OFFICERS CAN AND WILL LIE TO YOU TO EXTRACT A CONFESSION. That's right, they may say, "Well, we have an eyewitness who says you were there." Now, you know good and well you weren't- and they don't, in fact, have such a witness. What amazes me, is that they don't think that people will lie and say they did it when they didn't. If you think someone would not confess to something they didn't do- you have too much belief in other people's will. Trust me- I have done it myself without even meaning to. Nothing feels worse as a prosecuting attorney that to have extracted a confession only to discover a fact that leads you to realize they were telling the truth the first time.

And no one should look at someone and say, "Well, they must be guilty if they got a lawyer. "

And please, even more than that- if you're ever in a situation where you think you might need a lawyer- get one and don't worry that you might look guilty if you have council- because you need a professionally trained person to help you present your side to the Judge- you have that right and you should exercise it.

(Philosophicalawyer steps down from her soap box and goes off to do her real work.)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Same crap, new day....

I am getting bored with my blog. Just so you know. I am, however, working on a piece about Anna Nichole Smith and how my earlier predictions were remarkably correct and what I think will happen now.

Same old stuff- Roger Clements was in court last week. Cal Ripley, too. Oh, and my personal favorite Bobby Brown- since he was, actually, at the time, in jail somewhere else for failure to pay.

I had a guy arrested for giving a false name to a police officer- he told them his name was john doe. His name is really John Lee Doe. WTF?! I think I can win that one, unless there is something I don't know. So far my winning rate on this kind of cases is higher than any other type of criminal case. I think the cops must not understand the law here very well.

I was yelled at by MadDog for being late to Court today, so I had better go and beat him there this afternoon.