Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ok, I saw this and it made me laugh....

I was perusing Slate and they had this article:

I laughed. Then, I laughed some more. Then I read this question, and I knew I could answer it for him:

• I met a 40-year-old stripper back in February of this year. We had a special connection. Yet, she was homeless, going through a divorce and bankruptcy. She has three kids who live in Alabama and she pays $500 a month in child support. Moreover, she used cocaine. At one point, she was arrested for forgery. She spent a month in jail but was released under the condition that she become a narc for the police department. She gave the names of her dealers and would wear wires when drug deals were going down. I let her stay at my place and kept food in the refrigerator. This past Monday she took all her clothes, my money, and left. The night before, she hung out with some friends. I called her, and she said I was too good for her. She said she had never been treated so well. She said she would drag me down and she couldn't bear to handle that. I told her my hopes and dreams the night before. I wonder if I scared her off. I don't know what to make of it. I don't know if she met someone else the night before and doesn't want to tell me. It's killing me inside. I cried for her. I really cared for her. Can you give me some advice?

I can answer that question: Run, you fool. Run. Oh, and call the police, because I'll bet she wasn't narcing for them, and taking your cash is called theft you poor idiot.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Merry Christmas to all....

Last Saturday I trudged out the the local building supply store for our Christmas tree. I selected a precious Scotch Pine because it had cute little undeveloped pine cones all over it. I thought they were precious and looked like little ornaments. The tree was nice and tall, fluffy and not too trimmed up. No dye on my tree.

I brought the tree home and wonderful husband and I set it up and decorated it.

On Wednesday evening he plugged in the tree before I got home. When I came in he said he thought there was something wrong with the tree because he kept hearing this "pop pop" sound like a short.

We both stuck our heads in the tree looking for the source of the pops. I tightened all of the lights, and checked the plugs. All looked ok.

Pop.Pop. Pop.

I said there was only one thing to do- strip the tree and start over. The risk of an undiscovered short was too great. He agreed. Maybe new kitty had chewed through a wire.


We sat there mulling over the possibilities, because that just seemed like sooooo much trouble.

Pop. pop. poppoppop.

I gazed at the precious little pine cones, nature's ornaments, on my precious tree....

pop. poppoppop.

And then I heard the Pop. Pop. Again.

And I knew what it was, so we cut off the bottom of the tree and now its fine. Do you know?

I love figuring stuff out.

Merry Christmas.

I'll be taking a sabbatical until the New Year, so until then.....