Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Name of the week....

Ok, Dansha didn't make it. Kelvin gets props for being obscure... Joyal is Loyal. Dequarius (aquarius?) for his 60's vibe.... I felt for Mr. Pink Smith, Jr. (really... I changed the last name but yes, his name is Pink and he's not the first.)

Tynisha, weird, but nope, not weird enough even with her pronounciation which she loudly announced to the Judge after he called it out wrong. "I'm here but its Tye-n'eye-sha. Which she followed by a head weave and a raised, "I'm expecting an appology for butchering my name" eyebrow at the Judge. He appologized as he always does.

You'll never guess...

But first, you have to know Southerners call mosquitoes skeeters. I'm gonna bet Midwesterners call them that too.

Name of the week! Sekeeta. I just kept thinking about slappin' skeeters in the summer, combined with secretions. Skeeter secretions. I guess that's probably not what her momma was thinking when she named her, but still, its what I think when I read it.

I love southern names. And seriously, people will act like you have lost your ever loving mind if you have trouble spelling their names. Nah, its S-e-k-ee-t-a. Gah, (eyeroll) how hard is that?

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